Boero Admiral 933 Self Polishing Antifouling 0,75 Lt 171 Red #45100113

Boero Admiral 933 Self Polishing Antifouling 0,75 Lt 171 Red #45100113

Boero Admiral 933 Self Polishing Antifouling 0,75 Lt 171 Red #45100113

A self polishing antifouling formulated according to a new technology that uses specific copolymers and biocides that help to obtain a solubility of the film that release the toxins.
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Boero Admiral 933 Self Polishing Antifouling 0.75lt 171 Red

ADMIRAL 933 is a self-polishing antifouling which has been formulated according to a brand new technology using special boosting copolymers and biocides which provide a good solubility of the film. It is tin free and cuprous oxide based and can be applied on wood, steel and fibreglass hulls. Not recommended for use on aluminium hulls except for the white colour .001.

- Matt;
- Colour: White.001 - Red.171 – Blue .111  – Blue Dark .118 - Black .201 l;
N.B.: The colours can vary after immersion in water;
Volume solid %: 50 ± 2 %;
Specific weight: 124,74  ÷  127,96  pound/feet³  (1.85÷ 1.9g/cm³);
Flash point: 95F (35°C);
Viscosity :5.000 ÷ 8.000 cP.

Applications: Thinner 703.000 (max. 5 %).
Dry film thickness:
- Standard range of application 2 –2,8 mils (50 -70 μm)
- Recommended 2,4 mils (60 μm).
Wet film thickness:
- Standard range of application 4 –5,6 mils (100 -140 μm)
- Recommended 4,8 mils (120 μm).
Theoretical coverage sq feet/gallon: Range of application at recommended thickness 338,1 (8,3 m2/Liter).
Recommended Primers Anchorprimer - Anticorrosiva  CR - Mistral  Fondo - Delta 3000 - Defende.

Clean the surface with fresh water. After sanding, apply two coats of Antifouling ADMIRAL 933 on a suitable primer, the same product or a similar antifouling, provided that the film is properly attached and not damaged. It is recommended,  when the previous applied antifouling is unknown, to first apply one coat of Anticorrosiva CR, as a sealer, before proceeding with the new antifouling.

To avoid the formation of condensation, the temperature of the surface should be at least 37,4 F (3°C) above dew point. During the application and curing the min.
ambient temperature must not be lower than 50 F (10°C) or higher than 86 F (30°C); substrate temperature must not be lower than 41 F (5°C), Since curing is  remarkably reduced at lower temperatures. Application is not advisable when relative humidity exceeds 80%. The term-hygrometric survey should be carried out near the surface to be coated. Make sure there is enough ventilation when the application takes place in closed areas.

In order to protect personal health it is advisable to comply with the EU DPR 303 and
547 regulations. Avoid, for example any contact of the product with the skin and eyes.
In case of contamination or with oral contact, immediately contact a doctor.
Use in well ventilated areas, in enclosed areas use aspirators, fans and air ventilators. Wear masks, goggles, gloves while applying the product.