Boero Futura Two-component Polyurethane Glossy Enamel 0,75 Lt 035 Oyster White #45100407

Boero Futura Two-component Polyurethane Glossy Enamel 0,75 Lt 035 Oyster White #45100407

Boero Futura Two-component Polyurethane Glossy Enamel 0,75 Lt 035 Oyster White #45100407

Polyurethane acrylic enamel characterized by its exceptional resistance to UV rays and other marine environmental factors. It stand out for its optimal visual qualities such as brightness, whiteness and resistance to abrasion and washing.
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Boero Futura Two-component Polyurethane Glossy Enamel. 0,75 Lt. 035 Oyster White.

FUTURA is a two component polyurethane acrylic enamel designed to provide an exceptional gloss and outstanding resistance to UV rays ensuring long-lasting non yellowing and whiteness features. In addition FUTURA has a very good resilience, is highly resistant to abrasion and washing and will produce a very hard finish. FUTURA is the only marine enamel which can be polished with an abrasive paste and polish, to restore and maintain the excellent high gloss finish.

Finish: Glossy
Colour: 035 Oyster White
Solids (by volume): 50 ± 2 %
Specific weight: 1,1 ÷ 1,24 g/cm³
Flash point: 30 °C
Viscosity: 70" DIN 4 a 20° C

Mixing ratio (in volume): 3:1
Duration of the catalysed product: 3-5hrs depending on temperature
Thinner: Temp. < 18° C – 696.000 Temp. > 18° C – 697.000
Spray viscosity: 14” – 16” DIN 4 a 20°C

Application Method:
Conventional: Nozzle: 1,4 mm Pressure: 3,5 bar N°2 wet on wet = 50 μ dry
Mixed air:  Nozzle: 0,7 mm – 1 mm Pressure: 3,5 bar N°2 wet on wet = 50 μ dry
Thinner: 697
Dry film thickness: Standard range of application  40 μ - 50 μ (Recommended 50 μ)
Wet film thickness: Standard range of application 80 μ - 100 μ (Recommended 100 μ)
Theoretical yield at the thickness indicated m2/litre.: Application range at the thickness recommended 10
Recommended primers: Delta UC HB – Admiral UC – Epoply – Challenger HS UC

Note: The product is provided in two tins to be mixed entirely and carefully before usage. The eventual dilution must be done after mixing the two components. The physical data of two-component products refer to the components after they have been mixed together

Sand the cleaned and properly prepared surfaces with sanding paper P320-400 (dry). Before painting make sure that all the surfaces to be treated are completely dry, cleaned, oil-free and without grease or other contaminant factors. Apply the top coat on compatible undercoats with appropriate and uniform colours.
New Fiberglass: dewaxed/degreased with SIRIO before proceeding with the preparation and sanding.

To avoid the formation of condensation, the temperature of the surface should be at least 37,4 F (3° C) above dew point. During the application and curing the min. ambient temperature must not be lower than 59 F (15° C) or higher than 86 F (30° C); substrate temperature must not be lower than 50 F (10° C), Since curing is remarkably reduced at lower temperatures. Application is not advisable when relative humidity exceeds 80%. The hydrothermal survey should be carried out near the surface to be coated. Make sure there is enough ventilation when the application takes place in closed areas


In order to protect personal health it is advisable to comply with the EU DPR 303 and 547 regulations. Avoid, for example any contact of the product with the skin and eyes. In case of contamination or with oral contact, immediately contact a doctor. Use in well ventilated areas, in enclosed areas use aspirators, fans and air ventilators. Wear masks, goggles, gloves while applying the product.

The applied product must not come in contact with water, chemical products or submitted to mechanical stress before the curing is completed. The wet film thickness refers to an undiluted product. In case of dilution, this value increases.