Hempel Mille NCT Antifouling Black 2,5Lt #456COL017

Hempel Mille NCT Antifouling Black 2,5Lt #456COL017

Hempel Mille NCT Antifouling Black 2,5Lt #456COL017

Self-polishing antifouling containing a combination of copper compounds and organic biocides. Changes to its final colour after about a week in immersion.
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Hempel Mille NCT Antifouling. Colour Black. Unit size 2,5Lt.

HEMPEL MILLE NCT is a self polishing antifouling containing a combination of copper compounds and organic biocides. For its self-cleaning properties the product maintains its effectiveness for the entire period of service. However the color of the antifouling, a week after immersion in water, can take on a copper-green tinge.

Antifouling for boats made of fibreglass, wood, plywood and ferro-cement. Not suitable for aluminum and light alloys. Risk of corrosion in case of direct contact. Suitable for temperate or cold water.

Finish: semi-matt
Volume solids,%: 54 ± 1
Theoretical coverage: 13.5 m²/Lt at 40 microns
Flash point: 35 ° C
Specific weight: 1.4 kg/Lt
Touch dry: approximately 4 hours at 20 ° C - about 8 hours at 10 ° C
V.O.C .: 405 g/Lt
The physical constants stated are obtained from the formulas approved by Hempel. They are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances and where stated, being standard deviation according to ISO 3534-1.

Application method: Airless spray Air spray Brush / Roller / Buffer (see REMARKS overleaf)
Thinner (max. Vol.): 0808 (5%) 0808 (15%) 0808 (5%)
Nozzle orifice: .018 "- .023"
Nozzle pressure: 150 bar / 2175 psi (Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment)
Cleaning of tools: HEMPEL'S THINNER 0808
Thickness, dry: 40 micron
Thickness, wet: 75 micron
Recoat interval, min: 5 hours at 20 ° C - 9 hours at 10 ° C
Recoat interval, max: None (See REMARKS overleaf)

Existing antifouling:
Remove oil, grease, etc. with HEMPEL'S YACHT CLEANER 67601, followed by high pressure cleaning with fresh water, also to remove antifouling exhausted or flaking. The surface must be completely dry before recoating. The application or not of a coat of sealer depends on the type and condition of pre-existing.

The surface must be completely clean and dry. Apply only in dry weather. The surface temperature should be above the dew point to avoid condensation.
The paint itself must be above 15 ° C. Avoid application under direct sunlight. In confined spaces provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

HEMPEL'S YACHT PRIMER 26030 or HEMPEL'S LIGHT PRIMER 45551 or according to specification.


As the product contains heavy particles and must be mixed thoroughly before use. Thinning to a minimum to ensure that correct film thickness is obtained.
Number of coats recommended:
Airless application: 2-3 coats for a total thickness of 120 microns
Application Air spray, brush, roller or pad: 3-5 coats
For boats that exceed the 15 knots, an extra coat.
Do not launch prior to 24 hours after the last coat. HEMPEL'S MILLE NTC can stay dry upt to 3 months after painting. If you apply a coat of HEMPEL'S MILLE NTC, after prolonged exposure to the elements, clean the surface thoroughly by high pressure washing and allow to dry before painting.
When used at speeds above 15 knots, it is necessary to apply a further layer.