Marlin Tix A+B Resin Barrier 0.75 lt #461COL562

Marlin Tix A+B Resin Barrier 0.75 lt #461COL562

Marlin Tix A+B Resin Barrier 0.75 lt #461COL562

Marlin Tix A+B Resin Barrier 0.75 lt
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High adhesion and water resistance and excellent mechanical characteristics that remain unaltered for years. Suitable against osmosis, as anti-corrosion, various gluing, painting, layering of mats and fabrics of various fibres. 
Does not run if applied vertically.

• Treatment against osmosis in fiberglass hulls and as upkeep, after removing all the defective gel-coat, both as prevention by applying BARRIER over a gel coat that is apparently healthy, in order to increase water resistance.
• Corrosion-resistant coating of metals (cast iron bulb keels, light alloy parts, etc). Best results are obtained if the coating is reinforced with a layer of glass fibre 250-300 gr/sqm.

• Various bonding (it is particularly great for wood-wood, wood-fibreglass, wood-concrete).

• Layering with mats, various fabrics (glass, carbon, kevlar) for the construction of parts or reinforcing structures with high mechanical strength.

• Filling and grouting, mixed with microspheres (for filling of large areas) or glass MICROFIBRES (for added strength).
• Painting of wooden boats: diluted BARRIER is absorbed by the pores of wood's surface layer giving it water resistance and mechanical strength. It is suitable for both the hull and for topsides. It is exceptional even in varnish finishes.


- COLOUR: Milky transparent;
- SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 1:08 (after mixing components A and B);
- MIXING RATIO: 1:1 in volume; 115:100 by weight (115 parts of A with 100 parts of B);
- POT LIFE: approx 45 min (mass of 200 grams at 20 °C);
- YIELD: 5-8 /l coats (thickness corresponding to 100-150 microns);
- TOUCH DRY: 8 hours at 20 °C;
- DRYING TIME PRIOR TO RECOATING: minimum of 8 hours, maximum 24 hours (above 20 °C reduced to 12-16 hours). For application after 24 hours, sand the surface;
- THINNER: N°5. Only the first coat can be diluted and only when applied on absorbent substrates such as wood or concrete;
: 0.75L.