Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines 1Lt #N72349700004

Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines 1Lt #N72349700004
  • Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines 1Lt #N72349700004
  • Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines 1Lt #N72349700004

Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines 1Lt #N72349700004

Premium performance lubricant. The use of high-quality synthetic bases and special high-stability polymers allows to achieve outstanding performance. Ideal for fuel, diesel, turbodiesel engines.
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Polar plus technology.
The exclusive Bardahl Polar Plus formula is a combination of chemical substances contained in Bardahl lubricants that greatly reduce friction between metallic surfaces that are in contact and in movement.

Bardahl Polar molecules behave like micro-magnets that are fixed on metal surfaces and form an extremely resistant lubricating barrier. The Polar Plus formula ensures a double level of protection given by a superficial lubricating film to which a layer of polar molecules is added able to adhere firmly to the engine metal surfaces, creating a permanent protective barrier.

The exclusive Bardahl Polar Plus + Fullerene anti-friction formula ensures
 a triple layer of protection: a surface lubricant film, an area of polar molecules (Polar Plus) plus Fullerene C60 molecules as a final protection mechanism. The Bardahl formula provides much higher performance compared to conventional lubricants.
Bardahl effectiveness. In a series of recent tests carried out at petroleum laboratories of the French Government, it was certified that the Bardahl formula is able to reduce the wear and tear by 34% during engine performance compared to a standard lubricant and as much as 70% during the most strenuous stage of motor starting.


Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4-stroke engines. Unit size 1lt.
Premium performance lubricant for petrol, naturally aspirated or supercharged engines and for diesel engines and direct injection turbo-diesels.
The use of fine synthetic bases and special high stability polymers allows to achieve extraordinary performance in terms of resistance to thermal degradation and tenacity of the lubricating oil film even in the most severe conditions of use.
The high degree of HTHS allows exceptional viscosity properties at the start, and guarantees lower wear at high temperatures.

Ideal for:
- Fuel engines, naturally-aspirated and supercharged
- Diesel engines and direct injection turbodiesel

- Bardahl Fuel Economy technology, high viscosity HTHS
- Increased longevity and cleanliness of all engine parts
- Easy start-up and immediate lubrication at low temperature
- Thermal degradation resistance and tenacity of the lubricating oil film even under the severest conditions of use
- 100% Synthetic formula


MB 229.5 / BMW LL-01 / VW 502.00- 505.00/ OPEL LL-B-025
PORSHE A40 / Renault RN0700-RN0710
SAE 5W-40