International Perfection Polyurethane Two Component Enamel A+B 0,75Lt #N702458COL651

International Perfection Polyurethane Two Component Enamel A+B 0,75Lt #N702458COL651
  • International Perfection Polyurethane Two Component Enamel A+B 0,75Lt #N702458COL651
  • International Perfection Polyurethane Two Component Enamel A+B 0,75Lt #N702458COL651

International Perfection Polyurethane Two Component Enamel A+B 0,75Lt #N702458COL651

Two-component polyurethane enamel. Perfection® is a two-component polyurethane enamel giving maximum performance that produces a high gloss finish and exceptional durability.
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International Perfection Polyurethane Enamel Two Component A+B 0.75Lt

Perfection 2-part polyurethane is the ultimate performing, high gloss topside finish. It provides the longest-lasting, ultra-high gloss finish that has superb colour retention, together with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It has been formulated specifically to enable skilled amateur users to achieve professionalquality results with ease. UV filters combined with the chemical cure of the polyurethane give the longest life possible.

* Hardest, abrasion-resistant finish making it an excellent choice for use on high wear areas e.g. decks (with Intergrip additive).
* Chemically resistant to diesel, petrol, oil, mild acids and alkalis

Colour YHA183-Platinum, YHA184-Med. White, YHA192-Off White, YHA194-Oyster White, YHA198-Mat'horn White, YHA216-Royal Blue, YHB000-Snow White, YHB663-Jade Mist Green, YHE294-Chilli Red, YHF991-Mauritius Blue, YHK990-Flag Blue, YHS056-Fight. Lady Yellow, YHS070-Cream, YHS187-Polar White, YHS248-Arctic White, YHS253-Pearl White, YHS299-Rochelle Red, YHS936-Lauderdale Blue, YHY999-Jet Black Finish High Gloss
Specific Gravity 1.17
Volume Solids 49%
Mix Ratio 2:1 by volume (as supplied)
Converter/Curing Agent YGB001
Typical Shelf Life 2 yrs
VOC (As Supplied) 486 g/lt
Unit Size 750 ml, 2.5 lt
Note: Not all colours or pack sizes are available in all countries. Consult with your local Technical Representative for further information.

Drying             5°C (41°F)  -  15°C (59°F)  - 23°C (73°F)  -  35°C (95°F) 
Touch Dry          11 hrs             7 hrs               4 hrs             3 hrs
Pot Life               5 hrs              3 hrs               2 hrs             1 hrs Overcoating
Temperature    5°C (41°F)   -  15°C (59°F)  - 23°C (73°F)  - 35°C (95°F) 
Perfection            28 hrs             14 hrs            6 hrs              4 hrs
                           4 days            3 days           2 days            1 days

In Good Condition Wash down with Super Cleaner, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Abrade with 280-320 grade (grit) paper.
In Poor Condition Remove all previous coatings and prime the substrate.
PRIMING All preparation for bare substrates is covered on the appropriate primer datasheet.
BARE WOOD Prime with Interprotect.
STEEL Prime with Interprotect.
ALUMINIUM Prime with Interprotect.
GRP Wash down with Super Cleaner, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Sweep blast or abrade with 180-220 grade paper. No priming necessary.

AGED/WEATHERED GELCOATS Due to the potentially porous nature of aged/weathered gelcoats the risk of solvent/moisture entrapment after painting is much higher than when gelcoat is new. As a result this entrapment could lead to blistering of the paint film. To reduce the risk of paint film blistering it is recommended that 3 coats of Interprotect are applied to seal the gelcoat. Interprotect must be overcoated with Perfection Undercoat prior to topcoat application.

ALL SUBSTRATES: Use Perfection Undercoat.
Method Sand the undercoat smooth with 320-400 grade (grit) wet or dry paper. Remove dust with a tack rag. Apply 2-3 coats.
Tips: Mixing - Stir contents of each part prior to mixing. Add Curing Agent to the Base, stir and leave for 20 minutes to allow bubbles to disperse.Thinner International Retarder Thinner #9.
Thinning: May be thinned between 5-10% to assist application.
Cleaner: International Retarder Thinner #9.
Ventilation and Humidity Control: Apply in dry, well ventilated conditions. Avoid excessively humid conditions, over 80% relative humidity.
Other: Best applied at 15°C. For lighter colours, mix the first coat of finish 50:50 with the undercoat to improve the depth of colour and opacity. Both products should be mixed with respective curing agents first. For best results when applying by roller, smooth off with a pad or brush. If using as a deck paint, mix in non-slip additive. Full hardness is achieved after 7-10 days at 15°C/59°F. If required, Perfection Matting Additive (YZM914) is available for use with Perfection. See Perfection Matting: Additive datasheet for details on use.
Some Important Points: Do not use unless mixed thoroughly with the curing agent at specified ratio. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Avoid applying late in the evening as condensation can cause a loss of gloss during overnight cure. Allow to dry in a well ventilated environment.
Product temperature should be minimum 15°C/59°F and maximum 35°C/95°F.
Ambient temperature should be minimum 5°C/41°F and maximum 30°C/86°F.
Substrate temperature should be minimum 5°C/41°F and maximum 30°C/86°F. 
Compatibility/Substrates: Do not use Perfection on flexible constructions. Will crack on carvel and clinker/lapstrake hulls. Perfection should not be used over any one-pack products. Not suitable for permanently immersed surfaces.

Number of Coats 2-3
Coverage (Theoretical) - 13.24 m²/lt
(Practical) - 11.9 m²/lt
Recommended DFT per coat 37 microns dry
Recommended WFT per coat 76 microns wet
Application Methods: Brush, Roller, DO NOT SPRAY - Professional applicators looking for details on spray application should refer to the Perfection (Professional) datasheet.

Unit size 0.75lt.

NOTE: Choose desidered colour from the drop down menu.

458COL651      White A184 YHA184
458COL6510    Platinum A183 YHA183
458COL6512    White A192 YHA192
458COL6515    Blue A216 YHA216
458COL6516    White B000 YHB000    
458COL6517    Dark Green YHB663
458COL6519    Dark Blue F991 YHF991
458COL6520    Ivory S070 YHS070
458COL6523    Red S299 YHS299    
458COL6524    Blue S936 YHS936
458COL6525    Black Y999 YHY999    
458COL6526    Dark Blue K990 YHK990
458COL6527    Yellow S056 YHS056