Marlin TF Antifouling Sea Blue 0.75 lt #461COL494

Marlin TF Antifouling Sea Blue 0.75 lt #461COL494

Marlin TF Antifouling Sea Blue 0.75 lt #461COL494

Marlin TF Antifouling Sea Blue 0.75 lt
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Self-polishing Marlin TF antifouling is based on special effective resins, cuprous compounds and antislime agents. The white version is copper free and can be applied also on light alloy hulls. High performance. MARLIN TF is suitable for fiberglass boats, wood, iron, and plastic.


On fiberglass, apply after degreasing with solvent, sanding and after have applied a coat of FIBERGLASS PRIMER. 
On wood and iron, it should be applied after a suitable cycle of epoxy-based products. 
On hulls that have already been treated with MARLIN TF, the porous surface layer should be removed by strong pressure wash or better still by sanding. 

The same procedure should also be carried out in the case of other antifouling most of which MARLIN TF is compatible with. 

In case of a very porous surface, or one that is in bad condition, apply a coat of UNIVERSAL PRIMER  diluted with about 20% of THINNER No. 2 before applying MARLIN TF. 

MARLIN TF can be applied by brush, roller or spray; the minimum interval between coats is 8 hours (at 20 ° C); before launching it is necessary to wait until the product is completely dry even in depth; for a thickness of 100-120 microns (2-3 coats) the time required is 24 hours on days of temperate weather and not too humid; for a greater thickness or in case of colder temperatures, the times are longer. 

The product may be exposed to air for up to six months after application.
MARLIN TF is suitable for boats made of wood, iron, and plastic.

- Unit size: 0,75 lt;
- Colour: Sea Blue.